The Detective in color

I’ve added the color to the gray scale image now. It’s not complete yet, but it gives you a good sense of the emotion, and the limited color palette I mentioned in the last post.

A limited color palette is important in creating unity in an image. So, if your an artist just starting out and you can’t seem to figure out what isn’t working in your image, consider your color palette.


The Detective

This is an example of how I sometimes go about creating a painting, as seen in this example “the detective”.

So, this is the method I commonly use, but not limited to, in creating a painting:

Step 1: Thumbnail. Just a quick and small direct output of my idea to canvas.

Step 2: Rough sketch. I start to create definite lines that i want to keep, that will act as a template for adding form and value.

Step 3: This is a really fun step where I now add form to the line, and begin to create the emotion I’m after by creating value and lighting.
The next step for the image below is color!

Step 4: Color. This is also a fun and crucial step in creating the emotion you want. A good tip is to limit your color palette.Nothing worse than going in without a solid plan of the colors you want, and the emotion you wish to convey.

Step 5: I like to give myself 4-5 days away from the painting, then, I go in with fresh eyes and adjust any “mistakes” that I find.