10 Books Every Artist Needs to Read

Reading art books is a great way to continue, or substitute, the education process to becoming a great artist. The following are my main ‘go to’ books. I‘ve read them all, some more than once. Knowledge is the foundation to creating compelling art. If you are serious about strengthening your ability to create great art then you should really consider adding the following books to your personal library.

Here are ten books that I sincerely believe every artist out there should purchase and read, at least once.

So that is my list of essential art books. There are more great art books, ofcourse, but these seem to be the ones I go to the most often. If you add these books to your personal library, you will have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal that will educate you in ways nearly equal to any good art education. I hope this has helped you. Happy reading. Happy learning. Now go create amazing art!